Sexually abstinent activities for teens - Understanding Sexual Abstinence in Urban Adolescent Girls

Little research has explored how teenagers think about abstinence and how it functions in their lives. These questions are particularly salient in light of widespread funding...

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Why is make-up, and dressing nicely so important to some young men?

To gain insight into the context of sexual abstinence and identify potential determinants of abstinence in that population. Content analysis was used to analyze the four verbatim transcripts. Using analytic induction, groups were compared and contrasted at the micro within-group and macro between-group levels to identify themes.

Four themes were identified that provided insight into how and why these girls abide abstinent despite being in sexually active social climates. They focused on the following: Developing interventions to maintain abstinence, delay initiation of sexual activity, and promote protected first and subsequent sexual contact in abstinent girls are timbre to decreasing future sex risk.

These findings offer opportunities to develop HIV prevention strategies tailored to the needs of abstinent girls. From through Help, the distribution of youth AIDS cases between genders has changed from predominantly male to almost equally divided numbers between genders. Adolescent girls aged 15 to 19 years more have higher reported weights of sexually transmitted infections STIs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea than males or older persons of either gender CDC,

Four focus groups were conducted with five to seven sexually abstinent girls in each group. Popular culture, as transmitted by the media and celebrities, also influenced the girls.

You're not really thinking that you wanta have sex. AIDS risk and prevention among adolescents. Data on attitudes and intentions related to abstinence and sex were collected from adolescents aged 12—15 who participated in an HIV risk reduction program in Seattle in — The most prominent of these concerns were those related to the physical effects of having sex:

Girls in our sample were resilient in the face of such peer pressure. There is often pressure from your partner or friends to have sex. Based on our findings as well as theory, it appears that interventions designed for abstinent girls should confirm the real risks and consequences of sexual behavior. Journal of the American Medical Association. These girls had a pragmatic view of boys and their behavior; they knew that many boys wanted sex and may not have really cared about the girl and that many boys they knew would cheat on them or their girlfriends.

Their lives included many valued activities that kept them busy and fulfilled; because their lives were busy and their futures bright, engaging in risky sexual activity held less appeal. Many girls quoted a popular song about thinking over choices and whether to have sex or not.

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Data Coding and Analysis Content analysis was chosen as the data analysis method to identify themes and because of its focus on meanings, intentions, and context Morrison-Beedy et al. The eligibility criteria included the following: This show portrayed a very glamorous and cavalier view toward casual sex, normalizing such behavior. Thus, an individual theme could not be completely understood without recognizing its connection to and impact on the other themes. Similar to the work by Hulton et al.

Journal of Adolescent Health.

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Sexually abstinent activities for teens

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Developing interventions to maintain abstinence, delay onset of sexual activity, and promote protected first and subsequent sexual contact in abstinent girls are. Description: This is an abstinence-based sexual education curriculum....