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Here you will find the latest fashion trends and evergreens of traditional Bavarian costumes for women: Go, to the Oktoberfest! To be able to use Oktoberfest.

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The most common accessory is a Weisn necklace or ribbon choker to match your dirndl. Hiking shoes can be okay too, especially if you wear slouchy socks, however, basketball sneakers will make you look like a tourist.

Bracelets usually follow the same theme as your dirndl also and are often ribbon, leather, or metal. To be able to use Oktoberfest. As Photo Shows Include: Traditionally, the bigger the feather or tuft of hair on your hat the wealthier you were, as it is a sign of high standing.

The Lederhosenstyle Hot-Pant grey.

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Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. It does not include Shoes,Stockings.

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Almost everyone attending Oktoberfest in Munich dresses in traditional Bavarian outfits trachtenso consider taking part yourself. Dressing...


Sexy bavarian clothing stores

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Online shopping for popular & hot Bavarian Clothing from Novelty & Special Use, Women's Clothing & Accessories, Dresses, Blouses & Shirts and more. products...