Silverface-dating - How to date vintage fender amps

Boy, that title got your attention didn't it? Well, we'll get to good parts, but first a little background information is in order.

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Dating Fender amps by Chassis Serial Number - Online Hookup

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This version is rare. Our research efforts are now in their fourth year will it ever end? Here's a very quick summary that may be helpful: For example, serial number A has been found on a Champ dated November and a Vibrolux Reverb dated February Feb 20, 4. Also thanks to the many dealers at the various guitar shows that we visit for allowing us to make notes about the amps at their booths.

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Dating Fender amps by Chassis Serial Number - Free Dating Chat

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Well, this universal "truth" was debunked when we found a bunch of amps with transformers made by the Better Coil and Transformers company. Do you already have an account? This is the channel 1 preamp. NOS metal 6L6s run too hot. Sep 14, 4.


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First, it will be useful to you to understand the following five terms in order to choose the correct chart for dating your amp: Silverface, Blackface and Brownface. Bandmaster AB, AC (silverface) A...