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Thu Sep 07, - Christian forums Bible concordance abortion ticker is God real? My marriage is failing Started by floyd Wed Mar 23, - That's not how I intended for it to come out. Christian forums connect Christians from around the world.

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Christian marriage advice forum
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How do you "carry on as normal" after a one night stand?

Preceding jumping into marriage forums, be cognizant of the problems you face using them. Highest of these forums cause to remember me of the episode in the movie Titanic as the ship slowly rolls and dumps everyone into the gobs. Hundreds of people desperately try to save themselves and be fitted a transfer to others as they can. But in the end the vast manhood succumb to the catastrophe. Reading union forums, I get the sense that these human race are overwhelmed by forces beyond their control.

They reach outlying to solitary another in an pains to preclude themselves, but they are all slowly going indigent. Reading nuptials forums purposefulness allow you to take in you are not unequalled, and appreciative of that your marital quandarys are orthodox problems that lots of others more deal with.

By April Smith , March 25, in Have a problem? How do you fight for your marriage and be strong when your husband has decided that he wants to be single, because he is struggling with list of the flesh? But God has called us to peace. And [I charge] the husband [also] that he should not put away or divorce his wife. I'm sorry this happened to you. My experience with a dear friend who went thru three years of drama with the man who wanted to be single with his girlfriend after 30 years of marriage Ask for couple counseling with a born again Christian pastor.

That's it, Willa says it right, let him go. Three years or more is not worth your time, health and my friend is still grieving but she does feel better and has a ton of support from here church brothers and sisters. I've met in person over the decades many women and pastors even who approved of re-marriage , and not one of them could tell right from wrong.

Only if they repented of that approval and corrected it were they restored in God's Grace. I am so sorry you are going through this

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