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Lavalife has been creating online dating success stories for over 25 years. Founded in , Lavalife was a pioneer in the dating industry. Today,...

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We aim to offer singles the largest amount of options of any dating website- so you can make your online dating experience the best it can be. Stick with us and we promise we will remind you what dating is all about and help bring back the excitement. Lavalife is committed to providing a pressure-free environment where we put you in charge of choosing who you want to talk with and how you want it all to play out. So come on in and check out all that we have to offer, and add the fun back into dating!

Lavalife has been creating online dating success stories for over 25 years. Lavalife is all about the fun side of dating.

Very weird feeling, could I just be unexperienced?

InfoSeeker007: I find the idea that if one party pays, the other owes them something to be interesting. To me that implies dating and relationships are quid-pro-quo and contractual to those people more than sacrificial, or at least courteous. If you think letting the man pay means you owe him, I think that says more about you than anything.

Jahir MR: Can't wait for you to visit Australia : Make sure you stop by Newcastle

Natasa Ma: That french lol

Peter Magro: I'm Russian, and this is legit true

Joni Hip: What's the name of the song in the beginning?

Shaun Thomas: An irish king sandwich is a tad to much u need to die ,have one

Sum Guy: What's her IG?

Sarah LC: Can you do You know you are dating a Hawaiian woman when ? please like so we have this video

Natalia: Why don't have asian guy?

Lulu Watson: The last one is a natural womanly trait and true for women in most countries except for highly developed nations where they have become different.

Carmellly: Make sure to call it Istanbul not Constantinople ;)

ImDudePRO: That haircut thing is common amongst Indian girls as well !


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Ladies: What Situation Is More Appealing To You?

Pawuyah: I heard German women are very loyal in marriage, unlike other European women. They are sexy i gotta admit that. That coldness is just an exterior. I've flown Lufthansa and the stewardesses are very slutty: but then again what do you expect from a country accustomed to eating sausages.

Ghita.Ehn: Do the gay version with lesbians, plsss!

Nacho Sanchez: I want to date a chinese girl

Augusto Melo: Do Peruvian women next

Lucija Sokol: I'm a Danish teenager and omg do we play games with boys we are interested in. It's all about if he ghosts you, you have to wait until you respond, and it's just all about not seeming desperate. But I see SO many of my friends constantly talking about some guy who has or has not texted them yet.

Marie-c Bujax: I as a German would never date a woman, who forms her opinion

Roger Xavier: I am argentinian and i live in Athens now. that was paintfully insulting for greek girls.

Juzores1: You know you're dating a german woman when. her name's helga and she's probably fucking ugly.

Serge Kudinov: The difference between Austrians and Germans

Cielito: The orange cheese thing was so funny!

BTS Obsessed: Jesus, the costa rican guy got me hot :P

Blue Cedar: The random popups in all your videos are very distracting and annoying.

Lavalife is a dating site that empowers singles with the tools they need to really search out what they are looking for and try new things along the way. After all, if you do end up spending your life with this person you will look back at these moments as the ones that started it all.. Lavalife has been creating online dating success stories for over 25 years. We are always finding new ways to give you the tools you need to find that special someone. Take control of your online dating experience and start having fun again.

Lavalife dating service phone number

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