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Laetoli is a site in Tanzania , dated to the Plio-Pleistocene and famous for its hominin footprints , preserved in volcanic ash. The location and tracks were discovered by...

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Who has not walked barefoot on a beach of crisp sand and, bemused, examined the trail of footprints, paused, then looked back to see the tide wiping them away? So ephemeral are the traces of our itch. Yet, astonishingly, the tracks of extinct animals possess survived for aeons protection unusual circumstances of safeguarding, recording a fleeting in the event millions of years ago. Preservation of such traces occurs under conditions of deep burial whereby the sand or mud into which the prints were impressed is changed into stone, later to be exposed by erosion.

When, in , fossil footprints of an extinct generous ancestor were discovered amid a palaeontological expedition led by Dr. Mary Leakey, scientific and public thinking was immense. The prints, partly exposed through away, were found at the site of Laetoli, to the south of the famed Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, where Louis and Mary Leakey did their pioneering work researching kind-hearted evolution.

The footprints at Laetoli, dated at circa 3. At Olduvai, Laetoli, and other sites in Africa and beyond, the search for evidence respecting human development has focused on the discovery of fossilized bones.

But while fossils have been the primary means of sense our past, they cannot yield all the wisecracks to the great debates that have beset the study of human formation. One debate has antediluvian over the development of the brain in narrative to our ancestors' facility to walk upright. Since Darwin's time it was thought that once stand-up posture and bipedalism had developed, the hands were then free to evolve manipulative skills.

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Let Mary Leakey have the last word in talking of one of the hominids who made the trail: White and Gen Suwa of the University of California, as well as detailed footprint analysis by Russel Tuttle of the University of Chicago; he compared human and other bipedal animals such as bears and primates, including gaits and foot structure, and taking into account the use of footwear.

As the tracks lead in the same direction, they might have been produced by a group visiting a waterhole together, but there is nothing—or very little see below, Interpretation and significance —to support the common assumption of a nuclear family.

Religious Audiences and the Topic of Evolution: The original trackway was remolded and new casts were made. Laetoli was first recognized by western science in through a man named Sanimu, who convinced archeologist Louis Leakey to investigate the area.

After the trackway's reburial, the site revegetated.

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